What is Postmodernism?

1/30/2016 April 0 Comments

Postmodernism is an art movement. It is a skeptical interpretation of culture which questions why things are the way that they are and aims to reinvent and redesign things from the past. Postmodernism can be seen in many different forms from cinema to architecture and from posters to pieces of art.

There isn't one set definition for postmodern which is what is important. There are may different ways in which postmodernism is defined. Numerous theorists have came up with their own thoughts and theories on what postmodern is. Baudrillard came up with the term hyperreality which has been used to define postmodernism and Lyotard believed that postmodernism was defined by the loss of metanarratives. One thing that many postmodern theorists believe is that postmodernism is the final art movement and that nothing will come after it. There are other theorists that believe that this isn't true however, they believe that it is simply an art movement similar to modernism and that something will come after it. Others would argue that postmodernism itself isn't a thing.

Postmodernism can be viewed all over society. There are many films that are said to contain postmodern element, almost any film you now see contains some sort of postmodern element. Although, the most popular postmodern films include Donnie Darko and The Matrix. There are also popular artists which are considered postmodern, Banksy is one of these artists. Banksy uses features of pop culture and famous iconography in his work that looks at topical issues. One of his recent pieces was a recreation of the Les Miserables poster to look at the migrant crisis in Europe ant the issues in the camps in Calais. In 2015 he also created his own temporary 'bemusement park' which looked at issues such as rioting in the UK and the migrant crisis. He recreated Disneyland but with art pieces such as a derelict Disney Land Castle.